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Basics: Growing Lettuce Organically

Since there seems to be a considerable interest in growing lettuce organically among urban gardeners, this slideshow is intended to explain some of the things you need to do in warmer climates.

To download this slideshow as a PDF please CLICK HERE

Some more things to remember

  1. Germination of lettuce is the most critical step – and requires some cooperation from the weather. Germination improves considerably when the temperature drops below 20 degrees centigrade
  2. Heading varieties of lettuce (like iceberg) require more cold to grow, but looseleaf varieties like Salad bowl are more heat tolerant, and don’t get bitter early. Romaine varieties are also a good choice for India.
  3. Lettuce seedlings take 21 to 25 days to be ready for transplanting, and need to be grown in nurseries before transplanting
  4. This is a cool weather crop and needs to be planted early in our climate (as the winter comes in) – avoid the heading varieties and grow looseleaf or romaines if you want to play safe
  5. Time to begin harvest of lettuce is about 45 to 50 days. Pluck a few leaves (not the youngest or the oldest) per plant every 4-5 days

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