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Quick Start: Growing Organic Vegetables at Home

For people new to gardening, getting started can be a confusing and even intimidating, since its usually something that they haven’t ever experienced firsthand. This is an attempt to provide you with some of the essential information in a simplified form – via links to several articles that cover the topics in some detail.

Note: This is not a comprehensive guide, it just covers the bare basics to get you started.

a) What’s so great about organic?

[slideshare id=26426034&doc=whyorganicfood-130922041218-phpapp01]

b) Why grow food in cities at all?

“It (the concept of green cities) has a special application, and significantly different social and economic dimensions, in low-income developing countries. Here, the core principles of greener cities can guide urban development that fosters food security, decent work and income, a clean environment and good
governance for all citizens.”

why city food

Click to view the FAO report (PDF) on why urban farming is great for our cities, and for you

c) Are other people growing food in Indian cities?

d) Some answers to frequently asked questions about growing food in cities…

i) Looking for seeds for your kitchen/terrace garden?

ii) Where can I go to learn a bit about growing food in the city (Bangalore event)?

iii) Some of the basics you need to know about growing in containers

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iv) How can I create good soil for growing vegetables?

v) How can I get my vegetable seeds to germinate?


Raising vegetable seedlings in nurseries: Click to view the article

 vi) How can I increase the survival rate of my transplants?

 vii) How can I deal with pests in my garden without pesticides (an approach, not prescriptions)?