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Mapping Organic Food in Goa – A Beginning

Over the last few years, the interest in organic food (fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and grains) has been growing steadily in Goa. Following discussions with several farmers, agriculturists, numerous consumers, friends at the Botanical Society of Goa and especially with Roland and Lorna of GOACAN, we thought it may be a good time to begin putting together some basic information about the organic growing movement in the state. This is also aimed at allowing organic farmers and consumers to connect, and perhaps find ways to distribute produce more efficiently.

More information about farms and produce availability can also be shared using an existing Facebook Page – Goa Organic

Note: The gardens and farms mentioned here are NOT Certified Organic farms. We’re currently trusting local growers to declare they are using organic methods and accepting their word, but over a while need to develop a system to validate this. Your suggestions on how this can be achieved without high certification costs.