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The Organic Restaurant/Café Package

Our Organic Restaurant/Café Package is for chefs who are unusually particular about the freshness and flavor of ingredients they use in dishes they create. Three years of experience with growing produce for some of the most quality conscious chefs in Goa, given us a sense of what they want – and the guidance they need to set up their own gardens.

We design and set up these gardens to be productive through the seasons (especially winter and summer). This is achieved through an accelerated soil improvement process, designing the garden for pest resistance, creating vertical growing structures and guiding their gardener for growing through one season.

Most gardens of this nature are between 50 and 200 sq mts in size and can also be equipped with a drip-irrigation system to make managing and maintaining the garden easier.


Our clients have achieved very productive gardens using this approach:

1. When the clients are really involved in the growing process, and want to become the growing expert

2. When operational processes are well managed instead of complete outsourcing to the gardener/maali.

3. When the intent of the chef is a “Sanity Garden” and not a “Vanity Garden”

4. When you have a reliable gardener or maali who will focus on growing for at least half-a-day, everyday.

NOTE: Winter is the most rewarding season to start your organic vegetable growing in Goa.

How we work with you (and charge for our work):

While the working model that we suggest and the costs will vary on the type, size and location of you garden, the broad approach is {you can pick combinations – like only item 1) OR item 1) + 2) OR 1)+2)+3)} as follows:

1) An Organic Garden Design stage: In which we create a layout plan and planting chart for your seasons. This is a necessary part of any project that we undertake. This involves a one-time fee.

2) The Garden Setup monitoring stage: Which involves a series of visits – 2 to 6 days depending on the size and condition of the garden – to supervise your garden staff in the process to be followed. Soil improvement is the critical activity, as is ensuring that the design is followed correctly. The costs for this varies depending on the nature of your garden, but involves several visits of about 2-3 hour duration. The fee is a daily visit charge for this stage.

3) The Growing guidance stage: These are about 8 to 10 visits made to coach/teach after the setup stage is completed and involve visiting regularly to make sure that young plants are growing well. These visits also provide the opportunity to  ensure that organic gardening processes are followed correctly, and address problems related to pests or disease that you may encounter.

There is a fee for each guidance visit and you can opt for a “Call When Necessary” model – we are happy to try and address queries via email (if you can send us images).


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