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Our Services

[vc_icon_text title=”GARDENING WORKSHOPS” icon=”krown-icon-camera-1″ background=”#a1a1a1″]Growing food can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. Our workshops (currently in Goa and Mumbai) have helped over 3,000 people learn the basics of growing food organically.[/vc_icon_text]
[vc_icon_text title=”KITCHEN GARDEN DESIGN” icon=”krown-icon-tv” background=”#a1a1a1″]If you’re trying to set up your first kitchen garden, you may want some help. We design organic kitchen gardens and coach you through your first steps, and help create a wonderful and productive garden.[/vc_icon_text]
[vc_icon_text title=”ORGANIC GARDEN INPUTS” icon=”krown-icon-database” background=”#a1a1a1″]Sometimes its difficult to find the right inputs for your organic kitchen garden. We stock several products (in Goa only) for organic soil improvement and pest management, and also seasonal vegetable seedlings and seeds.[/vc_icon_text]

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