Our workshops are held in Goa and Mumbai (beginner and intermediate level) and help people who are new to kitchen gardening with learning the basics of growing vegetables in their home gardens or in pots. These workshops are held at different times across the course of the growing season, and are focused on organic methods and practices.

Often conducted in collaboration with Miguel Braganza, these workshops are inclined more towards practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions than the theoretical aspects of growing vegetables.

We believe that kitchen gardening in the city is a great way to make our lives healthier (and tastier) and to help us reconnect with the environment.

Our organic kitchen gardening workshops are held in Mumbai in Goa

Green Essentials’ organic kitchen gardening workshops are held in Goa and in Mumbai

Few people imagine that they can pretty easily grow several difficult to obtain vegetables and herbs in their balconies, terraces and household gardens with just a little effort.

Most importantly if grown organically, these vegetables are much better than the pesticide laced vegetables and fruits that we are usually subjected to in the marketplace.

Regular organic kitchen gardening workshop topics include:

  1. Growing vegetables organically (summer, winter and monsoon sessions)
  2. Growing  food in pots
  3. Growing fruits organically in your home garden
  4. Troubleshooting pest problems organically
  5. Reviving family farms

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We also conduct special request sessions

On occasion we are asked by clients to conduct a special workshop for an audience that they would like to engage or inform. We usually adapt our session contents to match the time and space requirements specified and have been a part of the following types of events:

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