First harvest in your kitchen garden

What is organic food?

In this presentation we highlight some of the basic differences (from the perspective of a home gardener), between conventional food (usually grown using pesticides) and organically grown food. From our perspective, the choice seems pretty simple – it doesn’t make sense putting poison on anything that is intended for our ...

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Visiting the Konkan Fruit Fest 2014 at Margao

We were recently invited back to do a session at the Konkan Fruit Festival (at Margao), Goa. The festival, which is organised by the Botanical Society of Goa, plays a role in highlighting and creating market for the wonderful fruit biodiversity of the Konkan Region. Our session on 20th May, ...

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Getting set for Growing Veggies? (Join our Organic Gardening Basics Calendar)

If its your first time growing vegetables, it can be challenging keeping track of basic garden tasks. Here’s a guide to help keep you on track. This shared Google calendar is created for folks in Goa who are new to growing vegetables using organic techniques and would like gentle reminders ...

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Home Cleaning with Pynodor

If you’re looking for a universal cleaning solution that is non-poisonous and also discourages mosquitoes from your home, look no further than Pynodor from Osolin Laboratories. This versatile product can be used as a floor, shelf or glass cleaner and also as a mosquito repellent. Discover more about it at ...

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